Elive Eposi Tatiana

Name:Elive Eposi Tatiana

position:Public Relations officer


Elive Eposi Tatiana is the Public Relations officer of Voices for Women Cameroon, a nonprofit organization based on sensitizing Women about gender equality and HIV. I am à holder or an English Language degree from thé University of Buea.i am also a Secretary in my Christian movement and very commited in my duty.i have a vision to connect women and girls to their capacities, engage them in community and volunteering activities, build vibrant, gender equitable communities where all are able to realize their full potential. As a Public Relations Officer of the organisation i act as the medium between the public and the organisation in sensitizing women on their health and rights in the society .I currently through the organisation facilitates capacity building training, women and youth empowerment training, community and rural development outreach programs. I have volunteered in other NGos to enable me carry out my social duties effectively.